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Answers in the Wind

This one is an attempt at documenting some of the prevailing practices among communities that help them in weather forecasting for the disaster preparedness action that they have been taking for generations on Char (riverine island) Moddha Uria. In this era of ‘objectively and scientifically verifiable’ knowledge, we cannot lay any claims of these practices being thus validated, however the veracity of many of these practices cannot also be dismissed on those grounds.

We sincerely wish that both the funds of knowledge – the traditional and the ‘rational’ could meet, only to benefit from each other. We would encourage you to read the document and draw your own conclusions. Any feedback to enrich it further would surely be welcome.This is a joint effort of IRW and SKS Foundation – a partner of Islamic Relief. [Download]

DIPECHO Contributes on Reducing Water Logging Problems in Sylhet

In each year when monsoon sets in, water logging in many areas of Sylhet city and its suburbs was a common scenario for the dwellers that caused immense sufferings to them. Busy city roads used to go under water even after light to moderate rainfall due to lack of proper drainage system for long. Heavy rainfall sometimes caused the kitchen markets inundated. People at the markets had to wait for hours as most of the vehicles stopped running on the roads due to waterlogging.

Traders also shut down their shops as the roads in front of their shops got waterlog. Children missed classes, the poor suffered as they live hand to mouth. Life in the Sylhet city was unbearable.But things have changed now, Thanks to Sylhet City Corporation, District Administration and other concerned development agencies like Oxfam who joined their hands together to solve this problem. [Download]


Success Story: DIPECHO VII

A consortium supported by ECHO succeeds to develop and replicate a risk informed micro development planning and implementation tool according to Disaster Management legal provisions of Bangladesh and to institutionalize it through local financial planning. Coordinated effort by NARRI members with Government and non-Government agencies evolved and endorsed the Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) institutionalization model. The model facilitated implementation of Standing Order on Disaster.

Capacity building through harmonised training module on Disaster Risk Reduction activated and reactivated Disaster Management Committees at District, Upazila, Union, Pouroshava, City Corporations and Ward levels. This process led the development of risk informed Annual Development Plan (ADP). The following section describes the initiatives.

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Success Story- Action Aid

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Acknowledging need for acting as one on disaster risk reduction, ten international organisations ActionAid, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Islamic Relief, Oxfam, Solidarités, Plan, Care, HelpAge and Handicap in Bangladesh have established National Alliance for Risk Reduction and Response Initiatives (NARRI) Consortium in September 2010.The aim of the consortium is to strengthen disaster preparedness and risk reduction efforts in the country, contribute towards meeting commitments of Hyogo Framework of Action and coordinated emergency preparedness and response for wider outreach

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