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A consortium supported by ECHO succeeds to develop and replicate a risk informed micro development planning and implementation tool according to Disaster Management legal provisions of Bangladesh and to institutionalize it through local financial planning. Coordinated effort by NARRI members with Government and non-Government agencies evolved and endorsed the Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) institutionalization model. The model facilitated implementation of Standing Order on Disaster.

Capacity building through harmonised training module on Disaster Risk Reduction activated and reactivated Disaster Management Committees at District, Upazila, Union, Pouroshava, City Corporations and Ward levels. This process led the development of risk informed Annual Development Plan (ADP). The following section describes the initiatives.

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Process document - Market Drill by Community

A community initiated Market Level Mock Drill by Waves Community Volunteer Group was organized at Sylhet. The market is situated in one of the busiest parts of the city. The six-storied infrastructure has around 75 shops in its ground floor while there is the office of a government bank (Sonali Bank) on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The top three floors of the building are used for residential purpose occupied by 35 families (158 people). So the volunteers picked this building as it covered both household level and institutional level safety through the simulation. This intervention was implemented in close collaboration with Ward Disaster Management Committee, Fire Service and Civil Defense and Surma Market Committee. Islamic Relief Worldwide under 6th DIPECHO Action Plan provided supporting role in the whole process.

The majority of the expenditure was carried by the community stakeholders themselves as Waves Social Welfare Club, a locally established club that works for different community welfare objectives, and the Surma Super Market businessmen’s committee jointly incurred the cost for the entire programme (around 75,000 BDT). Apart from that, the entire market had to be closed down for half a day which (considering the number of shops, most of which are foreign currency exchange shops and two stories of the building is for a government bank office) is banking hour and busiest business hour for the remittance and money exchange. The bank and the market committee were willing to chip in their opportunity cost and dedicate their much valuable time and financial turnover (amounting to an appropriate Taka 1 million) for the welfare of the community.

The attached document captures one such good practice from Sylhet where community volunteers and the existing community networks have put their act together to make a demonstration for the local people on disaster response and drawn their attention towards the necessity of disaster preparedness.

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Char ModdhoUria - Life in Chars

An effort to depict the life of people living in one of the Chars (river islands) in Gaibanda. It also provides the summary of interventions  carried so far in the area under the ongoing ECHO funded DRR programme. [Download]

Together We March

This document is an attempt to describe the processes and learning in mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction and adaption adopted by the three Union Disaster Management Committees supported under DIPECHO programme at Gaibandha, one of the project areas of Islamic Relief Bangladesh. It also provides information on the amount of financial resources being leveraged to implement the risk reduction action plans developed under the project. [Read More]

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Acknowledging need for acting as one on disaster risk reduction, ten international organisations ActionAid, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Islamic Relief, Oxfam, Solidarités, Plan, Care, HelpAge and Handicap in Bangladesh have established National Alliance for Risk Reduction and Response Initiatives (NARRI) Consortium in September 2010.The aim of the consortium is to strengthen disaster preparedness and risk reduction efforts in the country, contribute towards meeting commitments of Hyogo Framework of Action and coordinated emergency preparedness and response for wider outreach

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